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Phone call
To: SF Planning Department Info Center 415-558-6377
Re: Mission Bay plot at South Street and Terry A. Francois Street
Result: Referred to Mission Bay Redevelopment 415-749-2516

Phone call
To: Mission Bay Redevelopment 415-749-2516
Re: Mission Bay plot at South Street and Terry A. Francois Street
This plot has been purchased by Salesforce and will be built within the next 12 months, and is part of the Mission Bay South Redevelopment Plan.
All Mission Bay land has been sold within the past year for high prices. Owner’s names are available on the map “Mission Bay Development Overview Map” in the MBRP.
Sometimes land for affordable housing becomes available (RSP - request for proposal) and nonprofits can bid on it. Probably won’t be any for the next 3 years.

Hunter’s Point contact info:
Phor Kaslosky -HP Shipyards

Vanessa Dandridge - HP Project manager

In general, yellow/residential marked is OK for use.

Driving around:

555 Illinois 16th, Illinois, 3rd
Illinois between 18th and 19th. has huge cranes on it.
Building at end of unmarked street at end of 20th street at Illinois. Next to Sims Metal Management

Phone call
To: SF Planning Department Info Center 415-558-6377
Re: 1901-1915 Quesada Avenue. 4 vacant lots currently for sale.
Result: SF Parks Department has their eye on these lots for a park, and will make it extremely costly in an effort to prevent any development.
Current owner Wu Zhu Zen sumbitted "atrocious" plans for a house for one of these lots. Planning department advised Zen that an Environmental Review needed to be paid for, never received a response.
Planner for these lots is Brett Bollinger.

To: SF Planning Department Info Center
Re: various questions

SF assessor's office may be able to provide a map of suitable vacant parcels. Contact Mike Wynn at 575-9096, gro.vogfs|ennyw.ekim#gro.vogfs|ennyw.ekim
For how-to guides/checklist of requirements for presenting a project, go to the SFPlanning website and click "permit how to guides".
Also consider "deed restrictions" on potential parcels, can find this out from Assessor's office.

PDR=Production, distribution, and repair. Not for residential use. Would need to re-zone through a legislative amendment and get approval of board of supervisors.

Phone call
To: SF Planning Info Center
Re: 2198 Market Street (Vacant Lot. 0.41 acres / 17822.55 feet²)
Owner: Tom Fong Credit Shelter Trust - 1720 9th Avenue 94122
Last filed application was in 2009 for an outdoor advertising. SF Planner was Christine Lamorena - 575-9085
Also got application for chain link fence around property. Contractor was John C. Ebey. No phone # on file.
Last appraisal valued land at $321,465. Year unknown.
After some internet research I found that both Tom Fong and his wife Yook Lew Fong are deceased. They are survived by 6 children, so not sure who to contact.


Potential parcels:
1409 Hudson. For sale for $199,000. 2978.95 feet². 100x30 feet. zoned rh-1.

117 Bache Street. 25 x 70 ft. for sale $174,000.

1801 Noriega Street - Vacant lot. owner: ROSNA MARTHEN IE BENJA TJUATJA, PO BOX 22315, SAN FRANCISCO CA, 94122.

1455 IRVING ST, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94122. Owner: JOHN HENRY GOLDSWORTHY 2001 REVOCABLE TRUST, PO BOX 4250, VALLEJO CA, 94590. Former brick gas station. application to demolish filed 10/2011.

Rancho Corral De Tierra, Montara. Owned by Peninsula Open Space Trust.

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