Process Plan

Development Plan - from Initial Group Formation to Move-in Day

distributing fliers to relevant city locations. bookstores, libraries, cafes, etc
Internet publicity:
facebook page, twitter page
Summary video

Housing Authority
Renters Board

Group formation
How many members will we need?

Consenting upon common goals

Finding the Land
11/10/2011 Please refer to the “Current Progress / Notes” doc for current progress and status of possible parcels.
How much land do we need? What requirements apply?

Designing and Costing
McCamant and Durret Architects - brought cohousing to the US.
Thomas Dolan Architecture - live/work. designed South Prescott Village in Oakland.
Wonderland Hill Development Company
Cohousing Partners - McCamant and Wonderland Hill

Paying for it
individual owners' equity
government grants

Working with City and State agencies
-SF Planning Department - zoning, land use
-SF Redevelopment Agency - only if the selected land falls within redevelopment zones, such as mission bay, hunter’s point, bayview, and other Eastern neighborhoods
-SF Building Department - approves permits to build
-SF Department of Public Works - Roads, sidewalks
-SF MTA - anything related to traffic on city streets, including vehicle and pedestrian
-SF Water Department -
-SF Assessor’s Office - can help do searches on available parcels.

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